‘Slave Bikini’ Sells For $96,000 at Auction

‘Slave Bikini’ Sells For $96,000 at Auction


Seemingly it costs a pretty penny to seem like Princess Leia.

It had been among the very most highly anticipated things within the function, which featured several high profile pieces of film memorabilia.


Based on CNN, bid opened on Thursday before it sold on Friday.

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The victor, who had not been named, additionally received several chain links the collar as well as a letter of credibility supplied by Industrial Light and Magic designer Richard Miller.

In spite of the sky high cost of the costume, it had not been the most expensive item to offer. The record deal was set by the deal in the auction for just about any Star Wars artifact.

Fisher will reprise her part in the seventh episode of the show, Star Wars: Power Awakens, in theatres Dec. 18.