Sneek Peek! Sorry Filmfare Awards 2016, even Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt...

Sneek Peek! Sorry Filmfare Awards 2016, even Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt and Salman Khan couldn’t save you from being a snorefest!


Well, we have already given a hack of getting a prize in a award show to you. Turns out the Filmfare show actually did represent lots of what our post regarding the dummies guide to obtaining a prize in the show of award, said. Recall the time when we used to await the award shows, particularly IIFA and Filmfare, to see who bagged the coveted prize. As the years have passed by, it all has turned right into a sham and there’s just no flicker left when a star holds the specified decoration. Here are five stages of disappointment as I saw this award show that I observed!

Shah Rukh Khan’s vain efforts to humour us

Despite the fact that SRK matched up with the humorous man Kapil Sharma of TV, they could not manage to bring a grin on our faces. The jokes were certainly not revolutionary, the shots were not witty and the crowd also was not really positive to participate in good humour. Alia Bhatt did Karan Johar and also tried too hard with her performance. Unfortunately, all of it looked scripted that was so bloody the whole enjoyment was lost.

The performances were meh

Oh don’t get me started on the performance of Alia Bhatt and Jacqueline Fernandez for it was so blah! The dancing sequence was terribly timed as well as the performers were not getting any attempt whatsoever to demonstrate that they worked for it. Oh and what was the reason for making the nominations list is danced out by Jacqueline? It failed to appeal to me one bit and was awful.


The structure of the awards was persistent

Rest everything? Similar pattern. First the hosts choose a dig at every other, while several performances happen, they take a shot in the crowd and then there is always that one celeb who threatens to walk out but is really just pulling our leg. Because they understand that Bhai enthusiasts will wait for this till the ending oh and ultimately, the final performer’s time slot is constantly dedicated to Salman!

The editing was atrocious

The editing f**ked it up farther more, in case the format of the awards was not amusing enough! I am quite certain that out of the absolute awesomeness which may have occurred in the specific awards, we were handled with a few truly feeble clips come up with.

Expressions that were unneeded looped at areas that were unneeded

Well, surely it is impossible to manage the whole show and I am quite certain that many of shoots occurred while filming the awards night. But looks just like the editor misplaced lots of footage. I recall this that the same expressions of Ranveer and Alia, Deepika were replicated on several occasions to help make the show seem intriguing. It worked really!

I lost interest inside the very first 30 minutes but I made peace and survived for the whole show. What would you believe BollywoodLifers? Tell us!