“So beautiful” – This is what Salman Khan’s instant reaction after watching...

“So beautiful” – This is what Salman Khan’s instant reaction after watching Aishwarya Rai in the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil teaser!


Seems like similar to how most of us cannot stop crushing on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from the teaser of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Salman Khan too is mesmerised. Yes! Although until yesterday he hadn’t got the time to view the teaser for he even spoke to a reporter at a recent event in Dubai saying, “I have not viewed it, have you ever viewed it? Tell me was it!” But we might add and turns out he’s eventually watched it, he damn smitten by Aishwarya appropriate now. Literally! Our source had this instant reaction saying, “She’s ” that is so beautiful and alone reveals to us Salman only couldn’t quit staring at Ash while watching the teaser. Yea! He said that! Don’t blame him though, Ash truly appears so sickeningly magnificent if he or she doesn’t find her beautiful that one would be extremely blind!

The ADHM teaser also showcases Ash’s steamy romance with Ranbir Kapoor not to forget. Where everyone is startled with the fact Ash and Ranbir really look so celestial together their ardent chemistry has become the talk of the town. We wonder what did Salman say about Ranbir, or have in reaction to that? Well, likely, he’dn’t desire to comment on Ranbir contemplating the ‘Kat’ connection. But anyway, we’re totally digging on Salman’s adoring reaction on Ash right now. After all, don’t you believe it’s been really long we’ven’t heard him talk about Aishwarya? Past looking at a joyful present with a brighter future. Amirite?

While many supposed if the Bachchan family is upset for having consented to shoot such cozy scenes with Ash. Our source exclusively revealed to us how there’s no truth to the above. The Bachchans are fairly chill about her character in the picture, “You really believe Aishwarya would not tell her family and Abhishek as the source affirms? It’s foolish to even infer that Abhishek had not been aware of her character or these scenes. She plays with an old girl who’s physically attracted to a younger man, so needless to say there will be love. She’s playing with a character and so is Ranbir. Would the same dialogue hold if tomorrow Abhishek shoots an intimate scene with an actress? There isn’t any issue between the Bachchans and Karan.”
Tell us what do you think to top it all? Ahem!