SO CHEAP! A fake picture of Virat Kohli kicking Anushka’s butt is...

SO CHEAP! A fake picture of Virat Kohli kicking Anushka’s butt is going viral!


PHOTOSHOP ALERT! Fans can go to crazy levels for their favourite stars and at times, it’s not even funny!

Virat Kohli’s and Anushka Sharma separation only a few days before Valentine’s Day has threatened our religion in this four letter word. We understand there is no need to get sadist concerning this emotion just because two people broke up. But then how can it not matter?

They seemed amazing. They even made it public slowly and those air kisses…only if we got a man like Virat. But suddenly things went awry that they figure that’s hit few of their supporters really tough and split up. A picture which includes both Virat and Anushka in it have been doing the rounds of the internet but we need to tell you it is not real.

Possibly one of their super excited enthusiasts got a little overly creative there and decided to possess a last picture of the two together.

The merged graphic has Virat Kohli sitting on a chair having a dark make-up on with among his leg on the buttocks of Anushka Sharma while she crouches. The celebrity is wearing an animal printed body suit in black. These are two different graphics that they clicked which have been unified to get this affect.

Anushka Sharma’s one is from Vogue’s cover story in 2014. Check out the real picture here…


Virat shot for an endorsement a few years back and this is the actual picture…


When they got merged, it made for a fake picture which is not even tasteful…