So True! Charlize Theron: It’s Hard Being a “Gorgeous” Actress

So True! Charlize Theron: It’s Hard Being a “Gorgeous” Actress


Beauty is not everything. It is a fact Charlize Theron understands all too well. The performer is now known for rejecting parts that her attractiveness is traded on by that. When she signed to star in the Mad Max: Fury Road of 2015, Theron determined a buzz cut would look with her character’s prosthetic arm.

Theron says her attractiveness has frequently worked against her, though she is been the face of Dior for years. “Occupations with real gravitas visit individuals who are physically appropriate for them and that is the conclusion of the narrative,” she says in British GQ’s May issue. “How many jobs are out there for the stunning, f–king, gown-wearing eight-foot model? When meaty parts come through, I Have experienced the area and pretty people get turned away first.”Occasionally, however, the appropriate job comes along in the proper time.

In accordance with Theron, her character’s predicament reflects what many of her Hollywood peers feel in actual life. “We are now living in a society where girls wilt and guys age like fine wine. “We were waiting for society to transform, but now we are taking direction. It would have been a lie to say there’s less worry for girls as they get old than there is for guys… It believes there is this unrealistic standard of just what a girl is likely to look like when she is over 40.”

The May issue of British GQ is on sale Thursday in both print so when an electronic version.