Social Media is Bieber’s Best Friend

Social Media is Bieber’s Best Friend


Hui Ding took employment at Instagram about 3 years past, just -happy social network was growing into one of the most popular online services of the planet.

” Ding soon discovered that every so often, company cofounder Mike Krieger, normally a jovial character, would abruptly turn serious and intense. This meant that Instagram had slowed to a creep for users around the globe, as well as the cause was always the same: Justin Bieber.

Or nearly constantly. Sometimes, it was Kim Kardashian.

Here’s how it would go down: As a means of quickly shoving new material to their own millions of users, big Internet outfits like Instagram work what is called amemory cache inside their computer data centers, packing their most popular on-line content to the super-speedy memory systems of hundreds as well as thousands of computer servers. However a Bieber pic would receive so many “Likes” that the cache couldn’t hold them.

“My idea was: ‘Wow. An individual celeb’s count could destroy the whole infrastructure,'” Ding says.

As for Krieger, he still recalls Bieber’s digital ID in the database that underpinned Instagram–6860189–because Bieber’s report was so frequently the source the newest issue. “I still know it by heart” Krieger says. “So a number of the first scaling problems had to do with him hitting things we’d never hit before, and so I got good at understanding it was him just by sighting his ID.”