Sonam Kapoor: My best is yet to come

Sonam Kapoor: My best is yet to come


Her portrayal of Neerja Bhanot in biopic ‘Neerja’ continues to be hailed as the finest performance of Sonam Kapoor so far but the performer, who felt a close afinity says her greatest is yet to come.

“I got similar answer during ‘Raanjhanaa’. I ‘ve a long strategy to use. I ‘ve a great deal to learn. I pray that this really is not my greatest yet and trust. I’d like my best to be considerably after because otherwise then there is a crescendo,” Sonam told PTI in an interview.

“When I started shooting for the film, I never thought Neerja is someone else because if I would have thought that, I would have never done justice to the role. It was more of a catharsis for me. I was always thinking ‘How would I have responded in such situation’. There are certain things which she stood for and I also imbibe them.”

┬áThe 30-year-old actress says the biggest achievement for her was that Neerja’s brothers — Aneesh and Akhil Bhanot — were touched by her portrayal of their sister. “Aneesh and Akhil saying that they could not differentiate between Neerja and me, for me that was something… I started crying. I felt ‘what else do I need?’. I connected well with Rama aunty (Neerja’s mother) too. She was just like my mother.