“Spectre” At its Peak shoots to $74M at box office

“Spectre” At its Peak shoots to $74M at box office


It took the mix of Charlie Brown and James Bond to save the box office after a catastrophic few weekends of flops. Both “Spectre” and “The Peanuts Movie” reinvigorated moviegoers who turned out in droves to check out the new fare, including buzzy limited release titles like “Spotlight.”

“Spectre” took a simple first-place position with an estimated $73 million, according to Rentrak estimates Sunday, to become the second-biggest Bond opening ever. The 24th film in the 53-year old series stars cost a reported $250 million to create and Daniel Craig as the secret agent that is dapper.

Domestically, “Spectre” failed to meet the record-breaking standard set by “Skyfall,” which debuted to $88.4 million in 2012 and went on to become the first movie in the franchise to get over $1 billion worldwide.

“We never expected it to open to the level of ‘Skyfall.’ It was a very different scenario. The competition was different, the weekend was different,” said Rory Bruer, Sony’s president of worldwide distribution. “One thing I am certain of is that the Bond franchise is as healthy and strong as ever.”