Spectre: Five star reviews and an enthusiastic welcome

Spectre: Five star reviews and an enthusiastic welcome


Critics have given the new James Bond film an enthusiastic welcome, with one saluting it as “pure action mayhem”.

Spectre, The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw continued in his five-star review, is “terrifically exciting, spectacular [and] uproariously entertaining”.

The Times said Sam Mendes’ movie was “achingly cool”, while The Independent said it was “every bit the equal of its forerunner”, 2012 release Skyfall.

Critics were shown Spectre next week ahead of its release.

Daniel Craig return is seen by the film as British secret agent James Bond, aka 007, in a globetrotting blockbuster named after a black criminal syndicate.

Two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz, French celebrity Lea Seydoux and the Monica Bellucci in Italy additionally appear in the official entry that is 24th in the long-running series.

‘Jaw -dropping’

In accordance with the Daily Mirror, Spectre is “an experience right up there with the superspy’s finest” featuring “instants of jaw-dropping stuntwork”.

The Sun’s reviewer concurred, saying the movie features “all the classic components lovers anticipate”, including a “jaw-dropping opening sequence”.

Screen International, meanwhile, said the film “falls back on the formula to deliver a slightly flat, old-fashioned 007 by the amounts”.