‘Spectre’ Topup British box office records in UK

‘Spectre’ Topup British box office records in UK


The latest James Bond film “Spectre” is breaking records in the British box office, Sony Pictures Entertainment said on Wednesday.

The film starring Daniel Craig as secret agent 007 took $9.2 million in its first complete day in what Sony said was the biggest Tuesday ever in movie-going history in Britain. The amount was also bigger than the first-day U.K. gross for the last Bond film, “Skyfall,” in 2012, the studio said in a statement.

“Skyfalll” went to take in $1.1 billion at worldwide box offices, easily recouping its estimated $200 million funding.

“Spectre,” which had its world premiere in London on Monday night, has won good reviews from film critics and is due to open in North America and a lot of the remainder of the world on Nov. 6.