SPEECHLESS! Aamir Khan meets a fan suffering from progeria

SPEECHLESS! Aamir Khan meets a fan suffering from progeria


Aamir Khan made a “wish come true” for Nihal Bitla, who’s afflicted by rare genetic disorder progeria, by meeting him.

Then, Aamir shared that he was eager to meet with his 14-year old lover that was specific, and he ensured they met. Your “Taare Zameen Pa” constantly inspired me to confront unfavorable scenarios and I was always understood that one day I’ll meet you.”

Bitla gifted Aamir a drawing of lord Ganesha, which the performer can be said to possess valued. They modeled jointly holding each other close, using the drawing in Aamir’s hand. “Hope you will always keep it with you,” the post read further. Aamir was also thanked for the “goodies” that he brought for Bitla as well as shared an autograph for his young fan. “I am feeling very optimistic and positive about life. I am sure you will help spread the word for the Progeria Research Foundation to identify 60 more kids like me in India so that they can get the right treatment. Thanks again for making the time available for me and my family so quickly,” the post read.

Progeria is an incredibly rare genetic disorder symptoms resembling facets of ageing are established in an extremely young age. Yet, for Bitla it led to “harrowing encounters”. My father said to tell them ‘to cool’ and that ‘I am particular’ — so I did. I do not attribute those who do not comprehend me, they like me are kids after all,” an earlier post by Bitla’s team read.