Stealth jet capabilities to lure buyers-China Plane Maker

Stealth jet capabilities to lure buyers-China Plane Maker


BEIJING: In a rare disclosure, the state-owned Aviation Industry Corp of China (Avic) unveiled the abilities of the J-31 aircraft at an air travel show, even though the jet is still being analyzed, the paper said.

Avic officials have made no secret of the fact that they’re seeking foreign buyers hoping to compete with the F-35 of Lockheed Martin.

States that cannot purchase weaponry from the USA have sought avic officials from China, especially because Chinese arms are generally more economical.

Avic said the fifth-generation fighter jet, which includes a 1,200 km (750-mile) battle range and a top rate of 2,205 kph (1,370 miles per hour), was created to be in service for as many as 30 years, the China Daily reported.

It’s a maximum payload capacity of 8 metric tons, the newspaper said.

The double-engine J 31 took its maiden flight in the year 2012.

Defense analysts have often compared the jet to the US-made F-35, and US officials have supposed that China might have used cyber espionage to acquire classified knowledge concerning the development of the aircraft.

Stealth aircraft are vital to China developing the ability to carry out defensive and offensive operations, the Pentagon has said in a report about developments in China’s military.

The J-31 is the second produced stealth fighter jet in China.

President Xi Jinping has driven to toughen the 2.3 million-strong armed forces as the country takes a more assertive position in the region, especially in the South China and East China seas.