Steamy WET Priyanka Chopra, looking like a million bucks, is all set...

Steamy WET Priyanka Chopra, looking like a million bucks, is all set to take over the WORLD in the inside pics of this photoshoot!


Space has never been a barrier for connecting to or get joined by Priyanka Chopra. She makes sure that she is just as needed at home, though now the celebrity is busy with her Hollywood career in the US. Donning a sexy Dior ensemble, we see the actress model like a boss in this cover. Well, for Priyanka, modeling for the shutterbugs, notably for a magazine photoshoot is nothing new. However, the fact that she actually is not so imperfect and poise is what makes every look of hers desirable to us.

There’sn’t been a single month this year where the Quantico celebrity has, if you haven’t detected yet! I typically cover magazines and photoshoots and this year, every month, not only have I been watching Priyanka take on the covers of various fashion mags (international ones too!) But I’ve been expectant and excited! You can see how she makes this stylish appearance work that is yet sizzling as she wears the Dior ensemble. From what I could see, this ensemble fully belongs to PeeCee, doesn’t it look wow on her? Oh but the cover is not the only thing! Here’s another from the photoshoot with her poise preserved although where she actually is slouching on the couch!


Another still has our desi gal sit as though she is ascending her throne. She’s the Queen in the end! While the photoshoot is just not very exciting as such because the appearances and outfits chosen by the stylists and makeup artist isn’t that eyecatchy. She also mentioned how all the way actually flew to The Big Apple to shoot her, when this cover was shared by Chopra. Now would you agree with the Queen tagging?