STOP USING DATING APPS! Figures reveal dangers of using ‘hook-up’ dating apps

STOP USING DATING APPS! Figures reveal dangers of using ‘hook-up’ dating apps


Specialists said the findings were “shocking” and encouraged the authorities to start a campaign to boost consciousness of the dangers of meeting strangers on so called hookup websites.

Only 55 reports of offenses in Wales and England mentioned Tinder or Grindr according to figures released below the Freedom of Information Act to the Press Association.

This soared to 204 in 412 and 2014 in the year to October 2015, in accordance with the 30 police forces who gave amounts.

And 135 alleged offenses in were recorded in 2015, up from 34.

While Grindr is a homosexual relationship program tinder can be used by heterosexual daters.

Reports of violent and sexual offenses were the most frequent, with 253 allegations of 152 reports of sex offences and violence from the individual, including the sexual exploitation of kids, rapes as well as grooming.

The offender utilized the amounts come from police reports where the programs are mentioned in the offense report and will not automatically mean the program.

But there have been recorded instances where they were.

We strongly encourage users seek support when they turn into a casualty of any kind of offense and to report offences.

“I ‘d encourage those using online dating programs to be as security conscious as you possibly can rather than to share personal information with anyone until they can be confident about those they’re communicating with.

“Likewise, people should cease all communicating with anyone who tries to pressurise them into something they’re uncomfortable with.”

He explained: “If we’re planning to base the foundation of a relationship on a picture as well as several lines of text, how can we all know that man is who they say they’re and they got the right goals?

“It’s something we tell children around – do not believe who folks say they’re online – but the adult inhabitants go merrily about their manner believing it’s a great method of hooking up.

“And there will be individuals that are using all these programs to coerce and prepare youngsters, unfortunately.”

After threatening to expose last August, his partner Kristofer Wagner and Daniel Edwards, from Gloucester, were jailed.

In September 2014 the Garda in Ireland said a man had been detained by policemen in Dublin on suspicion of raping a girl he met through Tinder.

The Metropolitan Police, Britain’s biggest force, recorded the greatest amount of alleged offenses possibly linked to the programs – 202 and 91 in.

Human rights and homosexual campaigner Peter Tatchell said:

“Closeted homosexual and bisexual guys who use Grindr may be particularly vulnerable to targeting because offenders know they are going to be not as likely to report offenses to the authorities.

An NSPCC spokesman warned that some kids are being prepared online.

He explained: “Relationship programs are, by their very nature, not safe on-line spaces for kids. It is all too simple for kids to say they’re elderly, or for an adult to pretend to be younger.”

A spokesman for Stonewall said the amounts are “shocking” and Victim Support said individuals utilizing the programs should tell a friend where they can be getting before meeting anyone.

The amounts come from police reports where Grindr and Tinder continues to be utilized in the description of a claim. This may make reference to cases where they were supposedly used to perpetrate a crime, where the victim and defendant met on the program, or where the program was mentioned but wasn’t directly associated with the offense – for example when a casualty happened to be on Tinder when the offense was perpetrated.

The forces which supplied amounts failed to give a break down of the scenarios that are different.