STUNNING! Saif Ali Khan Goes On A Dinner Date With Daughter Sara...

STUNNING! Saif Ali Khan Goes On A Dinner Date With Daughter Sara Ali Khan


Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara Ali Khan has totally surprised us with her breathtaking transformation. The lovely girl has finished her graduation from Columbia University and was seen celebrating her Big day with father Saif. In the photo, Sara Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan are seen dining post her convocation.

Once when Saif Ali Khan was asked about Sara Ali Khan’s debut, he had said, “Of course, I won’t have any problem with her joining Bollywood. It is a wonderful profession. But I would have a problem with her leaving the college and getting into movies. She is currently studying in her second year at Columbia University. One day, she messaged me saying she wants to join movies.”

He added, ”It was a slightly strangely-worded message but I replied, ‘Yes, but after college.’ Then there was some silence. Obviously, she doesn’t know what she is saying. Some days, she wants to be a lawyer, someday a doctor, and then one day she told me she wants to work at the White House… Nobody leaves Columbia University! This degree is your only passport – from the husband that beats you to a country that collapses economically, you can survive everything. ”