Stylo SEXY Alia Bhatt gives you lessons in how to match your...

Stylo SEXY Alia Bhatt gives you lessons in how to match your denims in three different ways!


Nevertheless, Alia Bhatt has an ideal cheat sheet to escape in the harshness of the season. In case you recall 10 feet actually dropped under when appearances were made by Alia.

She seemed super chic! And seems like she’s done it again! Now, keeping the jumpers on amidst the scorching heat, the performer has managed to catch our focus again.

So way Alia has stuck to the jumper appear irrespective of summer time season. Nevertheless, it has been donned by her so nicely that it could be pulled off in this season. The performer had plenty of areas to be yesterday.

But understanding that Alia likes to leave an opinion and is Alia, she managed to pull off three appearances as she donned the same denims. Now it may seem they are not exactly the same as their colours differ yet, considering that it continues to be snapped in lights that are various, it answers your uncertainty!

In the initial case, this impeccable yellow satin was chosen by Alia off shoulder top paired with all the blue denims. Yet, about when she was seen at Mehboob Studios, the exact same day, she wore pump and the same denims, nevertheless, picked an ‘I speak flowing sarcasm’ jumper. Adorable? Yaha!

Eventually, as the day came to a conclusion, Alia made a decision to wear the denims as well as a dreamy LWD (Small White Dress) that seemed really pretty.

Thanks Alia! We only got three looks that want attempting ASAP! WHat would you think of her three appearances? Tell us!