SUCH BIG AMOUNT! Rs 50,000 is what you have to spend to...

SUCH BIG AMOUNT! Rs 50,000 is what you have to spend to get hair like Deepika Padukone!


Deepika Padukone isn’t just the reigning queen of box office but also of sass. The performer that has clearly lost oodles of weight for her approaching Hollywood flick with Vin Diesel is quite specific about notably the hairdo and her hair style she needs to pull off during public appearances and the award ceremonies.

According to some source near the performer, Deepika has specially hired a hairstylist from France to get her hair game on point and you understand how much he charges on a per day basis? A whopping quantity of Rs. 50,000!

Yes, that is what it requires to get your hair done like the best queen Deepika Padukone. It isn’t that simple or is it? Bollywood actresses are under constant pressure of looking picture perfect every time they step out and it’s made the job in their stylists’ even harder. It is the stars who must manage the brunt and also from the fashion police while the stylists struggle to get their looks refreshing every time. Some performers blame the development of fashion in the market as the offender for the price they need to cover hair or each look do.

Deepika is keen on dealing with a brand new team on her international project. Speaking to the media at a latest occasion she was quoted saying, “I am excited, but quite nervous. I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I am moving out of my country working with a fresh group of individuals so am quite nervous,” she said. When asked why she chose a Vin Diesel-picture when she continues to be doing so well in her home country, she said, “I don’t understand why everyone feels like this for me.

We expect she looks bang-on on her shoots and eventually on the celluloid!