Sudden Act! Japan economy minister Akira Amari resigns

Sudden Act! Japan economy minister Akira Amari resigns


Japan’s Economy Minister Akira Amari has said he’s stepping down amid corruption allegations.Mr Amari out of the blue made the statement in a press conference in Tokyo on Thursday.

But he again denied personally receiving bribes from a construction company, as had been alleged by way of a Japanese magazine.

The development is likely to be considered an important shock for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.Mr Amari, who has been minister of state for economic and fiscal policy since late 2012, has been broadly described as among Mr Abemost trustworthy members of parliament. He was likely traveling to New Zealand to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership understanding.’I am no exception’

An area magazine had reported that his aides and Mr Amari were given cash with a construction company in return for a number of favours linked to property ownership.

He’s said he did receive cash which he desired that his staff mishandled some of it, although declared as a political donation.