Sunny Leone advertising triggers anger in India

Sunny Leone advertising triggers anger in India


“If condom advertisements in this way are shown on Indian television as well as in newspapers, subsequently rape events will increase,” Anjan told the crowd in northern Uttar Pradesh state.

“This has to be discontinued,” he added.

Women’s groups slammed the comments as a backlash as well as unlearned against Anjan corkscrew on social media in India.

The opinions fuel issues of too little knowledge among politicians on what causes sexual violence against women despite the fact that the communist party plays a minor role in national politics.

“Comrade — rape is due to men’s awareness of entitlement and insufficient concern for women’s autonomy and approval.

The deadly gang rape of a pupil on a moving bus in New Delhi in December 2012 led to tougher laws for sexual offenders and triggered a huge public outcry.

But the politicians in India are also accused of trivialising such offenses.

A former chief minister of northern Uttar Pradesh state, Mulayam Singh, activated indignation through the national election a year ago over remarks about rape where he said “lads make errors” and “boys will be boys”.

Several politicians also have sought to attribute the rise in incidents of sexual violence in the nation on short skirts, tight jeans along with other Western influences.