SUPER COOL The chaiwala who went viral just landed his first fashion...

SUPER COOL The chaiwala who went viral just landed his first fashion job


Pakistan’s chai-making sensation Arshad Khan is getting fame day by day.  And we are likely to really get to know him better because he’s on his way to stardom.

His first shoot is out.

We found that he could be a good fit in showbiz, and discussed to Arshad. Here’s why.

1) For starters, Arshad Khan is merely 18.
That sounds like a proper age to begin one’s career in showbiz. He could have started before, but oh well.
He’s never been to school. He intends to marry, but will let his parents choose his bride.

2) He has excellent storyline for how he got his first gig.
Arshad does not know when his photograph was taken or who took it, but he spotted a few youngsters holding flyers the same picture circulating online, with half his face printed on them. They said a helicopter came and threw them from the sky, when he inquired where they got the flyers.
Now that is a fantastic beginning to some story.

3) He was fast to get used to the limelight.
Arshad freaked out, when he was hounded by the media. His mamoo (maternal uncle) was also worried. ‘ is the media after him?’ he wondered. Upon reaching the chai booth of Arshad, he discovered the basis for the hullabaloo: individuals found him ‘khoobsurat’.

Arshad tried to drive the media away. His buddies asked for huge amounts of money —20 lacs from Geo TV — from Dawn TV and 50 lacs to deter reporters.

Arshad was also distressed that his whole day went to waste. As a result of clamour, he lost his phone.
But ask Arshad not a day after, and he’s very happy about his newfound celebrity. He says if he gets the opportunity that he’ll definitely model and act in movies,.

His mamoo concurs, saying that if Arshad gets any modelling or picture offers, he stand by his side and will fully support him.