SUPER DUPER CUTE LOOK! This picture of Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy...

SUPER DUPER CUTE LOOK! This picture of Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur is so adorable that it’ll make you go AWW!


Katrina seems super dreamy while Aditya seems perplexed! Actually, you can not even make out that it is Katrina Kaif who is leaning on costar Aditya Roy Kapur! Who said their jodi would have been a strange one? They seem absolutely gorgeous together.

Makes it hard to gape at Aditya! Kidding! Aditya is appearing just as considerably dapper as belle Kat is appearing.

I should also include that Katrina has managed to maintain her break up supporting the cabinet and appears to make use of work as her precedence. She’s back on the wagon and she’s not riding low by it. So keep a poker face for several of the break up questions and yeah, even though Kat lately had a break up, she’s managed to prevent inquiries. His best is trying to accommodate these two fires that are ex-husband. I can not say anything positive but I can definitely vouch for Adi and adorable Kat are looking in this image!

Aditya too is looking dapper in John Varvatos tee and the denim coat. Well, yet chaos their private lives are, these two Fitoor costars really are brightening up the promotional appearances using their chemistry that is impeccable!