Surprise Surprise! Kylie Jenner & Tyga Married? Blac Chyna’s Mother Says Kylie...

Surprise Surprise! Kylie Jenner & Tyga Married? Blac Chyna’s Mother Says Kylie Has His Last Name


Blac Chyna’s mother posted a string of brutal rants aimed at Tyga and Kylie Jenner and took to Instagram but she keeps calling Kylie, Kylie Stevenson. Would you believe Tyga and Kylie are secretly wed?

Things are becoming warmed! She was slammed by first Blac Chyna for stealing her cooking show thought by assaulting Kylie and Blac’s mother is getting in on the play.

In her latest Instagram, Blac’s mother, Shalana Hunter, calls her a “b**station” and calls her by her “complete” name, Kylie Jenner Stevenson.

“Not one!!! You can not Kylie Jenner Stevenson although one matter Chyna can do that you!!!! And that is be a Kardashian b**station. But who the f**king needs overly !! that is hoe!! Btw — can Khloe have children??? Who needs the name Kardashian anyhow … just an FYI hoes. Ya’ll b**ches are poor.

The TV display is melting down on me. Oh God, my lovely face is thaw.”This is really so terrible and we can not consider that a grown woman would assault an 18-year old lady. But could Tyga and Kylie be secretly wed? You never understand although we doubt it!

However this can be only one of her rants that are brutal. In another, she endangers her life and assaults Kim Kardashian, Blac’s former bestie. “IMITATION HELP SOUTH PAIL BUTT B**station!! SHE SET EVERYTHING UP!! I’m not a Hollywood hoe!! Forgiveness hoe or no handshakes!! EVER IN THIS LIFE -YOU decided this sh*t…” Yikes!