Sushma Swaraj-No peace talks with Pakistan until they stop terror

Sushma Swaraj-No peace talks with Pakistan until they stop terror


External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj gave a hard hitting rebuttal to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s address to United Nations General Assembly that mainly dealt with India on Wednesday. In PrimeMinister address, that was given from an identical platform she told Islamabad that a one-point programme was enough to turn around India-Pakistan relations: sit down in the negotiating table and give up terrorism.

External AffairsMinister 25-minute address in Hindi at the template was set by the UNGA for India-Pakistan bilateral relationships from the view in New Delhi. But there’s one subtle disparity the English translation of her address put out from the Ministry of External Affairs as well as in what Prime really discussed in the UNGA.

However, the English interpretation of External AffairsMinister address put out from the MEA quoted her in this circumstance as saying: “A danger that India has lived with for over a quarter of a century was tragically brought home to the very city in the fall of 2001. Since that time, the proliferation of terrorist acts, the growth of extremist ideologies, as well as the impunity of states that back it haven’t been satisfactorily countered.”

The Pakistani Prime Minister head was subsequently taken by her on.

This is her statement: I want to react. Four points are not needed by us, we want one – give up terrorism and let’s discuss and sit down.

“This was exactly what was discussed and determined by both Prime Ministers at Ufa this July. Let’s hold discussions in the amount on all problems linked to an early assembly of our Directors General and terrorism to deal with the problem on the edge.

This possibly sums up the Pakistan policy of the Indian government that is present.

Swaraj also exhorted the international community to not categorise terrorists as “great” or “poor” and underscored the importance of “zero tolerance” for terrorism and also not to ascribe any faith to terrorists as they don’t have any faith.

“Equally significantly, an international legal regime, below the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism cannot be held up. 19 years past, in 1996, this suggestion had been made by India in the United Nations but we’ve not been able to embrace it and entangled ourselves in the problem of definition.

Ourselves must recognize that there may not be a differentiation between bad and good terrorists. Neither can be linked to any faith.

The reiterated India’s stand on the matter by saying that India was all for discussions but caused it to be clear that terror cannot and discussions go together.

To put it differently, the international community must not expect India to smoke the peace pipe till the terror faucet is totally turned off by that state.