Syria Crisis! Angelina Jolie, in Lebanon, says world has failed refugees

Syria Crisis! Angelina Jolie, in Lebanon, says world has failed refugees


Angelina Jolie, special envoy and the Hollywood celebrity for the UN’s refugee agency, said now the international community must address the main causes of the worldwide refugee crisis. “We cannot handle the planet through support help in the area of diplomacy and political answers,” she said underneath the pouring rain in a press conference in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

Hundreds of tens of thousands of Syrians have sought safety in the Bekaa. Lebanon hosts more than a million Syrian refugees, who now account for almost a fifth of its people. Jolie said she’d expected to be to the fifth anniversary of the rebellion against President Bashar Assad helping sufferers go back to their own houses in Syria.

She said it is “terrible and black that we appear to be so far from that point.”There are actually more individuals displaced through struggle across the world than during the Second World War, in line with the UN. After a tidal wave of refugees poured into Europe a year ago, some states started erecting physical as well as political obstacles to migration, that have left thousands of refugees this springtime stuck in squalid conditions in the Balkans.

Jolie called on such states to conform to assist refugees with their international duties. “The reason we’ve laws and binding international arrangements is just due to the desire to deviate from them in times of pressure,” she said.