Syrian Crisis: US and Russia agree peace moves

Syrian Crisis: US and Russia agree peace moves


Russia and the US have declared an arrangement on Syria starting with a “cessation of hostilities” from sunset on Monday.

In given places held by the opposition, combat missions will be ended by the Syrian government under the plan.

Russia and the US will create a combined center to fight jihadist groups, including so-called Islamic State (IS).

The statement follows talks between his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

The strategy would need the regime and resistance “to satisfy their duties”, Mr Kerry said in Geneva.

The opposition had suggested it was prepared to comply with the plan, he said, supplied the Syrian authorities “shows it’s serious”.

Mr Lavrov said Russia had advised the Syrian government about the arrangements and the Syrian government was “ready to fulfil them”.

Humanitarian access is also provided for by the accord.

“The cessation of hostilities needs accessibility to all besieged and difficult-to-reach places, including Aleppo,” Mr Kerry said.

Mr Lavrov said the joint implementation centre would allow Russian and US forces to “separate the terrorists in the average opposition”.
“We have agreed on the areas where such coordinated strikes would be taking place, and in those areas, on impartial arrangement shared by the Syrian government also, only the Russian and US air force will be practical,” he said.
But Mr Lavrov added that “the Syrian air force will be practical in other places, outside those that we now have singled out for Russian-American military cooperation”.