After Serious Crisis Syrian government agrees to ‘cessation of hostilities’ plan

After Serious Crisis Syrian government agrees to ‘cessation of hostilities’ plan


A preliminary hurdle to the beginning of a US and Russian-brokered ceasefire in Syria continues to be cleared following the Assad government said it could accept a “cessation of hostilities” to the state that strikes on Islamic State, alNusra and other unknown terrorist groups can continue.

The regime of Bashar al-Assad said it might work with Russia to define which groups and regions will be within the cessation of hostilities strategy, which is expected to start on Saturday.

The Syrian authorities said opposition groups cannot be permitted to make use of the ceasefire to reinforce their military positions and this could be regarded as a violation of the deal.

There’s scepticism the ceasefire will hold as a result of problems in marking out what land is covered, as well as the manner in which some opposition groups are interwoven with alNusra.

The Syrian authorities stressed the need for sealing the borders, stopping foreign support to armed groups, and “preventing these organisations from strengthening their capacities or altering their positions”, so that you can prevent busting up the deal.

They may be fleeing from the fighting in the Aleppo region. The Syrian high negotiating committee – the chief umbrella organisation for Syrian opposition groups – said that it accepted the conditions of the ceasefire.

Nevertheless, it included the strategy was dependent on releasing all detainees, letting in humanitarian aid, stopping all sieges and stopping bombardments by air or earth.