TECH WORLD! Samsung takes over AI pioneer and maker of Apple’s Siri

TECH WORLD! Samsung takes over AI pioneer and maker of Apple’s Siri


Samsung has stepped up its focus on artificial intelligence (AI) by taking over Viv, a digital helper developed by the manufacturer of Apple’s Siri.

The acquisition comes just days after Google launched its new Pixel phone which also puts a strong focus on an AI assistance function that is digital.

Amazon and Microsoft are also making a push into getting computers to learn and react like human beings.

Samsung has recently seen its image battered by the international Note 7 recall.

The company intends to use Viv in tvs, its cellphones and a wide variety of other apparatus.

“With the rise of AI, consumers now desire an interaction with technology that’s conversational, personalised and contextual – an experience that fits seamlessly within their everyday lives,” the company added.

According to Viv Labs chief executive Dag Kittlaus, the new AI assistant’s assignment would be to “breathe life into inanimate objects”.

Mr Kittlaus was behind developing Siri, the digital assistant bought by Apple in 2010. Until he left in 2012 when he began working on Viv he stayed with Apple.

“We see a future which is decidedly beyond programs, where you are able to get what you want quickly and easily no matter where you are, or what device you’re close,” he said.

Earlier this week, Google launched several new apparatus that additionally set a virtual assistant at the heart of their functionality.

The AI technology in the Google smartphones and voice -activated speakers is one step ahead of the Siri in that they’ll hold a dialogue, in which question or command builds on the last, instead of dealing with each request in isolation of Apple.

Technology and retail giant Amazon’s also has an AI-driven apparatus available on the market.