Technology Era! New BBC Music app knows what song you want to...

Technology Era! New BBC Music app knows what song you want to hear next


A fresh BBC Music program will learn the private preferences of users and deliver tracks tailored to individual tastes, with no user needing to pay attention to the chatter of DJs.

Found on 24 February, the program, accessible for cellular telephone and tablet computers, can exclusively be utilized by music fans who sign in and enable the program to create an image in their musical settings.

Users show which genres they favor – dance, country – as well as the BBC Music program subsequently gives video and sound recommendations, including single tracks Glastonbury or Jools Holland performances, interviews and playlists, it considers the listener will appreciate.

The recommendations, utilising the vast music radio and television archive file of the BBC, should be precise the more information it receives in the user.

Music fans will likely be directed to the playlist collections of the DJ, from that they select and can pick songs to make their particular personalised playlists.

It means that fans who would like to get a Clara Amfo Live Lounge session, or a DJ’s record selections with its gaps for news, chat or contests, can get access to the music.