TECHNOLOGY UPDATE! More Chinese supply chain reports claim Apple has dropped the...

TECHNOLOGY UPDATE! More Chinese supply chain reports claim Apple has dropped the 3.5 mm headphone jack for iPhone 7, will rely on wireless


Before Christmas, the Apple community spurred a massive controversy as Macotakara asserted the iPhone 7 will dump the 3.5 mm conventional headphone interface entirely, to empower additional thinness and internal space savings for other parts.

The website maintains Apple will make wireless equivalent of Apple’s ‘EarPod’ cans. Feng notes that Lightning cans is going to function as other choice that is wired, but Apple ‘anticipates’ most folks to proceed to wireless especially if Apple begins bundling wireless EarPods using the iPhone proposed.

It is worth noting that Apple did make a radio headset for the iPhone that is original, but it turned out to be a costly optional add on. Now, the business makes a variety of headset (3.5mm, Lightning and radio) through the Beats subsidiary company. Although headset with Lightning interfaces do exist in the marketplace now, they can be generally high-priced and a niche market, and it is uncertain in the event the ecosystem is going to have the ability to catch up in time for the launching that is iPhone 7. A part of the reason the 3.5 mm interface is omnipresent because it’s a low-cost, straightforward interface and an industry open standard. That is just another concern if its proprietary Lightning connector is preached by Apple as the new ‘wired’ option, which has licensing fees.

The iPhone 7 (or whatever it’s really called) is likely to be published in the autumn with important external and internal changes, possibly including bigger batteries and a 256 GB storage choice. Would you believe Apple should left the 3.5 mm jack? It is been a couple weeks since the first gossip so we’re thinking about hearing your follow up feelings in the comments and survey section.