Teen ‘sent text messages which show she demanded boyfriend to commit suicide’

Teen ‘sent text messages which show she demanded boyfriend to commit suicide’


A teen sent text messages which seem to show her boyfriend to commit suicide was forced by her, it is often reported.

Prosecutors say 18, Michelle Carter, understood she could head to jail if her messages were discovered by authorities on the telephone of Conrad Roy III.

She’s also accused of requesting the texts to be deleted by him researchers from his telephone, which were afterwards found by researchers.

Carter, who was 17 at that time, supposedly texted a buddy after her boyfriend’s death saying: “[If the authorities] read my messages with him I am done. His family will despise me and I will visit jail.”

The teen is charged with first degree involuntary manslaughter over the suicide of Roy in a supermarket car park in July in Fairhaven, Massachusetts a year ago.

In accordance with prosecutors, Carter forced her boyfriend for nearly weekly before he carried out the action, the Washington Post reported, to go through with suicide.

A detective said at the time: “Not only did Conrad tell Carter in several of his texts prior to his death that he was scared and didn’t want to leave his family, she continued to encourage him to take his own life, and when he actually started to carry out the act, he got scared again and exited his truck, but instead of telling him to stay out of the truck … Carter told him to ‘get back in.”

Studied methods of committing suicide painlessly she’s thought to have advised him to conquer his anxieties and lied about his location to his family, authorities and her buddies.


Carter also quite openly mourned the passing of Roy on Twitter and Facebook, only three days before she was indicted.

Carter’s attorney claims the charges ought to be dropped because free speech protects her messages.

“He finally got a young, impressionable girl. Eventually he gets her to support his strategy.”