‘Teen Wolf’ Originator on Ending’s “Death and Resurrection,” New “Epic” Storyline

‘Teen Wolf’ Originator on Ending’s “Death and Resurrection,” New “Epic” Storyline


Jeff Davis shows to THR how things will shift and who is still not dead on the MTV drama.

[Warning: This story contains spoilers]

Teen Wolf’s shadowy path continued in its harrowing season-five summer ending, as two of the heroes of the show came to blows.

What is next is partially a lengthy road to recovery for Scott and Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) camaraderie — it is not likely to be simple. They are all not planning to come back in episode 11. Our theme for season 5 is resurrection, so we are definitely going to be bringing the group back together, as the saying goes, plus it is all likely to be on Scott’s shoulders. Stiles and Scott [will even attempt to] both reconstruct their relationships — Malia and Stiles [Shelley Hennig] are basically broken up, Kira and Scott [Arden Cho] happen to be torn when they are able to reconcile, and we’ll see.

With the pack of resurrected chimeras of Hayden joining Theo, where does that leave matters for her and Liam? And what is the side effect from the fight with Scott of Liam?

[ Hayden ] will cause a lot of disagreement for the others as well as Scott, and for Liam particularly. [ Scott’s camaraderie and Liam will be] quite destroyed — they are likely to need to come back since Liam is Scott’s only actual beta in his pack. Liam has to do a little bit of soul searching and figure out, can the super moon be just blamed by him, or was there something inside him that drove him a little mad too? It is likely to be tough for him and he is likely to need to take on duty, while also carrying on a secret love affair with Hayden.