Teenager of clock recognition becomes new US ace

Teenager of clock recognition becomes new US ace


The 14-year-old “Ahmed Mohamed is the Muslim hero America has been waiting for”, declares a columnist as hashtag “IStandWithAhmed” becomes the No 1 trending topic on Twitter.

“Having the ability and ambition to build something trendy should cause applause, not detain.

“Ahmed, in case you ever would like to come by Facebook, I Had adore to meet you. Keep construction.”

His post received more than 163,000 and more than a million likes individuals shared it.

The White House press secretary said that next month, Ahmed was invited to attend in the White House. He also declared the teen’s teachers had “neglected him”.

On Wednesday, President Obama requested him to bring his home made clock and tweeted in his support.

The huge outpouring of sympathies for the Texan teen also induced the Irving authorities, which arrested and handcuffed Ahmed for bringing a potential bomb on Monday -apparatus to school, to drop the charges.

The freshman at MacArthur High School received an invitation to go to with NASA. On learning the news he told reporters, who flocked to his small house, that he adores NASA Tshirts and expects to attend MIT one.

He explained the focus he was getting following the event made him feel “actually excellent” and encouraged the people “not only to assist me but to help every other child in the whole world with a problem like this”.

Ahmed said the clock was made by him from a metal briefcase-style carton, a digital display, wires as well as a circuit board.

In the White House, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the arrest of Ahmed was a case study in bias in a age when America was fighting with terrorism at home and abroad.

“This episode is an excellent example of how pernicious stereotypes can keep even good hearted individuals who have dedicated their lives to preparing young folks from doing the great work they set out to do,” he said.

Texas Democrats said the detention of Ahmed was an outgrowth of the anti-Muslim opinions of Irving officials.

Beth Van Duyne, the city’s mayor, has been vocal in criticising a Muslim group that mediates disputes involving the Muslim residents of the region, accusing it of creating an anti American Sharia court.

The chairwoman Carol Donovan of the party asserted that Irving mayor was a fear monger who stoked the fires of Islamophobia.