Thai south motorcycle bomb: 3 dead-14 wounded

Thai south motorcycle bomb: 3 dead-14 wounded


Three people were killed and 14 wounded with a bike bomb blast in the deep south in Thailand, officials said in the most recent fatal attack to hit against the war torn area.

Since 2004 more than 6,400 individuals have been killed, the majority civilians, in the kingdom’s Muslim-majority southern states where insurgents The blast on Thursday evening hit near a grocery store in the Rangae district.

A military official and two civilians — a girl along with a guy — were killed in the strike as a number of other bombs also went off with no fatal accidents in the region, district police commander Phakdi Preechachol told AFP.

“The most wasted place was the site of the bike bomb, all of the casualties were from this area,” he said. One of the wounded is a ranger who had a leg amputated after the strike, the commander included, while four others who endured injuries have been discharged from hospital.

Thai security forces stand accused of perpetrating serious rights abuses, including arbitrary arrests and extra-judicial killings, along with stifling the distinctive local culture through awkward — and frequently driven — assimilation schemes.

The ruling junta in Thailand says it has made first contacts with rebel leaders ahead of formal discussions and wants peace. But observers say continuing political uncertainty in Bangkok, last May, where the military seized power from an elected authorities, probably will deter the rebels from committing to anything significant.