THAT’S HUGE! Daniel Craig QUITS James Bond!

THAT’S HUGE! Daniel Craig QUITS James Bond!


The second name of Daniel Criag is James Bond. His display avatar and Dan are virtually inseparable from each other which is difficult to picture another person in the shoes of the glamorous, hot, secret service representative.

But looks such as the time has come today. Do not consider us? Read on. There have been heating signals, oh yeah, after Dan’s last appearance as Bond in Sceptre.

He’d come out on an American television show in open and made a shocking statement. He took outside that statement, but what is once said is said.

To top this all, confidant Kingsman performer Mark Strong and his buddy has told a Hollywood entertainment portal site it is extremely unlike that Daniel would play Bond.

However , I believe he is come to the conclusion of his Bond time and thus it is likely never likely to take place, but that might have been excellent.”Well, now that is heart breaking for the lovers is not it?