The actual meat

The actual meat


THE Pakistani love affair with meat is a long and bearing one. In decades past, every neighbourhood, poor or rich, featured a fresh carcass dangling from a hook was conspicuously featured by a butcher shop, whose front. Housewives and the butcher and quality would debate or argue on the purchase price or the freshness or the cut.

Those were different days, obviously, the hamlet wasn’t a town as well as when all relationships of consumption called for faith, when the city wasn’t a megacity. The birds got to the act back at least one neighbour often threw bits on the roofing out, enticing a dark cloud of crows and carrion birds.

Pakistan could have changed, but its love of meat remains. It’s probably the former that’s made the latter more complex. As stated by the paper report, the three men whom cops detained for the offense confessed to having provided the Gulberg place with the meat.

There were feelings the meat was pork which may have been being sold as mutton or beef, although guy to whom the consignment went preserved otherwise.