The badshah speaks on the surrogacy bill

The badshah speaks on the surrogacy bill


Shah Rukh Khan was sincere enough to confess that he was ‘high on his birthday’ since the last two days and hadn’t been keeping abreast of the recent developments, when he was requested to comment on the recent controversies surrounding commercial surrogacy and the consideration to prohibit it. Nevertheless, Shah Rukh had a very important point to make. He concurred that a need clearly was of regularisation about the procedure. He said, “It needs to be regulated. I realised that many of states have controlled the procedure and did lots of study on it after I was having my surrogate baby. I know the pleasure of having kids and if there is any way parents who are bereft of this delight can appreciate it, I am all for it.”

Shah Rukh sure knows the way to make a point. Meanwhile, go to the next coast to know who had been completely disarmed by SRK’s allure…

  • Opinion FromAvailableInfo

    It needs to be regulated .. Thanks SRK.. For once I respect your thoughts..
    It is a child’s life at stake.. Not the parents Not the surrogate..
    No body is taking about the child’s future and welfare..
    At least SRK understands that Indian couples should have more access to surrogates than foreigners.
    The children born are indian citizens and need more care ..

  • GeaD GeaD

    Shah Rukh Khan thank you for letting your voice and your story be heard and for standing up for surrogacy. I respect your honesty and I disregard ALL corrupt politicians that try to slander you or cause political drama. These corrupt politicians try to use fear to sway politics their way, so they they can profit. They do not really care about the population. What this story is really about is the fact that ALL women must be respected. Sadly, India is notorious for abusing women and denying them rights and India needs to learn to respect women – not just in the realm of surrogacy but in the bigger picture of their laws and culture. Surrogacy is legal in the USA. And the difference with the way the USA handles surrogacy and the way India handles surrogacy is that the USA insures that our surrogate mothers are well cared for during their pregnancies and post-pregnancy. As well, our surrogates are well paid. The work that surrogates do is a gift and surrogate mothers deserve to be treated with respect and care. It is this model of surrogacy that India needs to learn how to implement. Banning surrogacy does absolutely nothing to help women. It ignores the real and dangerous life that Indian women experience and it denies them an income. The way to help women is making sure they are cared for and that the money they make goes to them and is not stolen by their drunk husbands, greedy in-laws or by unregulated surrogacy agencies. A legal, monitored, and safe surrogacy law will help women.