The Humsafar couple is the star of the Lux Style Awards 2015

The Humsafar couple is the star of the Lux Style Awards 2015


Are not they adorable? Fawad and Mahira laugh it up during this LSA promo shoot.

Oh my! It seems that the Lux Style Award 2015 advertisement featuring the magnificent Mahira-Fawad pair was only a harbinger of what was actually occurring through the shoot.

The recently published BTS video reveals what all of US call ‘instantaneous chemistry’, as the Humsafar couple laugh it up as they stumble through their dance steps as well as talk about working after a hiatus of about four years!

I am having a ball working with her again, though it introduces a bit of challenge because we have just worked twice before. Let us see how it turns out how people enjoy it, but so far so great, we’re having fun.”

Mahira too shares the same feelings: “I have a special association with Fawad so it’s nice to work with him again, it’s nice to come together in this. People might be surprised because these are not the roles which we played earlier.”

Fawad also said that many stars are brought together by ceremonies like the Lux Style Awards under one roof.

Mahira expands the invitation to the viewers, and who are able to say no to her, although it is still not revealed whether Fawad and Mahira will soon be hosting the awards?