The iPhone maker’s first retail store in Singapore

The iPhone maker’s first retail store in Singapore


Apple wants to stop its dependence on fossil fuel its global facilities for all and the upcoming shop in the city-state of Singapore will be one of the first in the whole world to be powered completely by solar energy.

The Cupertino consumer electronics giant has partnered with Singapore’s biggest clean energy provider, Sunseap Group, that will provide power to Apple’s 2,5000-person corporate campus and retail store. Energy will undoubtedly be gotten from solar panels placed on the rooftops of 800 buildings.

The deal follows a recent announcement of two clean energy jobs in China.

In Singapore, Apple expects that this deal will generate 50 megawatts of energy, enough for 9,000 dwellings, though Apple will use 33 megawatts of the energy for coming store and its campus.

The statement also confirmed rumors that the company would eventually open a retail store. The island-state has long been alongside larger markets including Japan, Hong Kong and the USA, but has never had an Apple Store in list of day one product launchings.

Instead, Apple relies on local distributors, Apple Premium Resellers, for retail and servicing to its customer base. The upcoming retail store will probably see Apple placing a bigger focus on the Singapore market, which now also functions as a shopping hub for more committed fanbase in the area, who regularly go down to the island-state during product launches to get their hands on Apple devices like the iPhone 6 Plus.

The estimated place of its own forthcoming shop will likely be in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district on Orchard Road, where it’s going to be taking over 15,000 square feet of space. The organization has also posted job listings for Apple Geniuses and also other retail positions.