The Lamborghini Huracan-overtakes its latest sales record

The Lamborghini Huracan-overtakes its latest sales record


Volkswagen-owned high-end carmaker claims it’s going to surpass last year’s record sales of 2,530 automobiles thanks to the popularity of its Huracan model.

Lamborghini expects to hit on a new sales record this year, thanks to strong demand for its latest version, the Huracan.

The Volkswagen-owned supercar manufacturer improved 19% to deliveries to a record 2,530 automobiles in 2014, a level it anticipates , Lamborghini, to eclipse already this month CEO Stephan Winkelmann said in an interview.

“We believe we will reason the 2015 business year in a better way in relation to the prior year,” he said.

Sant’Agata Bolognese-based Lamborghini intends to unveil a drop top edition of the circa GBP180,000 Huracan at the Frankfurt auto show on 14 September, he said. The version will reach dealerships in the springtime.

The Italian brand, which has been part of VW’s ultra-luxurious stable along with Bugatti and Bentley Motors, in May announced plans to establish a sport-utility vehicle (SUV) in 2018.

Sales in China are generally flat on year-ago levels despite the economic decline in the nation but higher if Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong are contained, Winkelmann said, without being more specific.