The latest phenom of golf: Tony Finau

The latest phenom of golf: Tony Finau


Edison – Tony Finau is the primary player of American and Tongan Samoan ancestry to compete on the PGA Tour as well as the former fire knife dancer has not been unable to transfer his skills to an alternative type of sword to compete in the best amount.

The 6foot-4in Finau went from fundraisers that were luau to fighting for the $10 million jackpot that was FedExCup where he performed using his sister so he could compete in junior golf events danced the hula and the fire knife, his parents threw.

“I only focus on what I am doing here this week and try and assault this golf course on the weekend.

“I feel like I Have earned my stripes. I feel like I go out here and I am beginning to show that to myself week-in, week-out as I play here and begin to get self-assurance.”

Finau grew up in an undesirable area and learned golf on a par-three class that was public.

“I definitely did not grow up like the ordinary golfer outside here; the feeling that I was encompassed with and kind of living out of poverty,” he said.

“The area that we grew up in, lots of gangs, matters like this. Lots of my buddies were involved in that. So that it absolutely was extremely great to be thinking about the sport of golf in a very young age to take me.

Finau subsequently described how he excelled at a pastime that was drastically distinct before he got adept at golf.

“Fire knife dancing, it is fairly fundamental,” he clarified. “It is only a stick with knives in the finish. We wrap towels across the knives you could light on fire, and you also whirl it about and (see) whoever can do the greatest tricks.

“Itis a warrior dancing in the islands of Samoa. My mother taught me how to get it done.”

The arms of Finau show signs of the hours of training he put in.

“I was extremely great. I competed. There was contests in Hawaii. I competed only spinning the knife about.