The Martian’ keeps top spot-‘Pan’ flops with $15.5 million

The Martian’ keeps top spot-‘Pan’ flops with $15.5 million


Warner Bros. spent $150 million to bring the Neverland experience to displays and millions more in advertising, but the large-budget fantasy gathered a puny $15.5 million opening.

“It is an enormous misfire,” said Jeff Bock, box office analyst with Exhibitor Relations, including, “We will not see another Peter Pan movie for awhile.”

“Pan’s” backers were not the only ones having a rough weekend. Sony’s “The Walk” stumbled in its wide release, enlarging from 448 Imax and superior large format theatres to more than 2,500 places, and eking out $3.6 million along the way.

The biopic about Philippe Petit’s audacious high wire walk has the technical team supporting the movie as well as clear Oscar aspirations for director Robert Zemeckis and cost $35 million to make. It’s formed a paltry $6.4 million in its first two weeks. The Sony team looks deterred that favorable reviews for the image’s advanced usage of 3D and powerful word of mouth has not lifted “The Walk” higher.

“It is a conundrum why more people did not come out, because once you see it, it is among those movies that you never forget,” said Rory Bruer, Sony’s supply leader. “It is a graphic that everybody put their core into.”

Using the brand new major studio releases teetering, Fox’s “The Martian” stabilized total ticket sales. Sony’s

“Hotel Transylvania 2” additionally revealed remarkable endurance, racking up $20.3 million in its third weekend and bringing its stateside draw to $116.8 million.

With “Pan” ending in third place, the very best five was rounded out by Warner Bros.’ “The Intern” and Lionsgate’s “Sicario,” which brought in $8.7 million and $7.3 million, respectively.

That ranks as the most effective theatre average of the entire year, and nicely places the movie in regards to the Apple cofounder because of its wide release start on Oct. 23.

“This is a film that is performed so nicely that you are not seeing a biography of a guy, so much as you are seeing a work of art,” said Nicholas Carpou, Universal’s national supply leader.

Bruised by lousy reviews as well as the continued strength of “Hotel Transylvania 2,” “Pan” failed to deliver family bunches. Of its starting crowd was female and were over 25 years old. 3,515 places were rolled out across by the movie. “Pan” was initially slated to open in July, but Warner Bros. pushed the picture back into October mentioning the importance of more time to finish the visual effects work. The movie ‘s cast includes Rooney Mara, Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund. Joe Wright, best known for stature cuisine like “Atonement,” directed the picture.

In the event of “Pan,” foreign crowds could cushion the blow as well as the movie has scored a release in China, however a picture such as this needs to do at least $400 million to break even. Thatis a difficult amount to reach, especially with a different family film, “Goosebumps,” slated to open next weekend.
“I do not see it holding up next weekend. It will not have the space to rally.”