The Nokia 3310 is just 15 years old now. Happy birthday to...

The Nokia 3310 is just 15 years old now. Happy birthday to the mobile phone that is best ever!

Is it possible to believe it’s been decade since the Nokia brick launched?

Marked the 15th anniversary of the start of the Nokia 3310, which went to sell up globally 126 million versions when it was retired.

It is also developed a bit a fad status, with many taking to declare the model as ‘the best mobile of time’ to mark the event.

As technology enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the newest iPhone – battery-life woes and all – the authentic brick telephone continues to be fondly recalled.

And to be honest, it was tough. Simply look at the way that this 900ft drop is survived by it.

One Twitter user confessed to holding regardless of the vast technical improvements in mobile technology.

It demonstrates the brick telephone love continues to be powerful.

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The Nokia 3310 is 15 years today and still one of the best phones we ever used, don’t you agree?

The Nokia 3310 is exactly 15 years old today. Happy birthday to the greatest mobile phone of all time!

Wow the #3310 is 15 years old today, and I still have mine.

The Nokia 3310 is 15 years old today. It’s scary how fast tech has evolved in my lifetime! 15 years from now, tech will be totally alien.