“The Rage Was Really Actual”

“The Rage Was Really Actual”


Not an act! However a source tells Us Weekly that there was nothing phony about Minaj’s fury.

“The rage was quite actual and not a pre-planned touch in any way.”

As previously reported, Minaj was recognizing the Moonman for Best Hip Hop Video for “Anaconda” when the faceoff went down on Sunday. Miley, what is great?”

The “Wrecking Ball” songstress seemed taken aback for several seconds before she answered, “Hey, we’re all in this business and we all do interviews and say s–t. Nicki, congratuf–kinglations.”

The camera then flashed back to Minaj, who could be observed mouthing, “Do Not play with me, bitch!”

The rapper’s wrath was in response to some remarks Cyrus last month made about Minaj’s Twitter feud. The two surprised the VMAs bunch having a joint performance — and had a simple mistake over Minaj’s criticisms regarding the Video of the Year nominees, but finally made up.

Last week inquired concerning the spat from the New York Times, Cyrus said she believed Minaj was in the incorrect. “I saw that. I did not actually get into it. I understand there was some steak,” she said. “I do not actually understand. There is a method to speak to folks… What I read sounded really Nicki Minaj, which, in case you understand Nicki Minaj isn’t overly kind. It is not too civilized. I believe there is a way you talk to individuals with openness and love.”