The reason why J.Law earned less than her male co-stars

The reason why J.Law earned less than her male co-stars


Jennifer Lawrence, the world’s best-paid celebrity, used fuzzy math when she griped that she was the victim of sexism and didn’t earn as much as her male costars in “American Hustle,” it was reported Sunday.

The 25-year old Oscar winner worked half as co stars Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper and came to the job late in the sport, in accordance with the Web site Deadline.

Lawrence also did not notice the fine windfall that followed the hit movie, which raised her cachet using 10’s success and snagged it Oscar nominations, the website said.

“While it’s refreshing to see Lawrence put herself out there for a worthy cause, I’m not sure that ‘American Hustle’ is the movie to use as Exhibit A,” said industry writer Mike Fleming Jr. on the entertainment biz site.

Lawrence had lamented she netted $1.25 million compared with Cooper’s and Bale’s $2.5 million each, a difference first disclosed from hacked emails of Sony executives.

She said she didn’t put up a fight because “I didn’t want to seem ‘difficult’ or ‘spoiled.’”

  • i love people

    Its bull shit. Bradley cooper worked more because he was the producer. As an actor he and jeremy renner got paid 3 million dollars(both upfront n back end included) more than jennifer for same work done and they worked as much as jen and not more..Same with amy adams. These deadline people are absolute worst. Why didn’t they give the details of jeremy renner in their whining article? Because they will be seen as idiots for writing a stupid article?

  • Soni

    You are using intentional BS representation, because Renner and Adams were also in this film. Adams also earned less, and worked equal time to her male lead co-stars and more than Renner, who was paid more. If Renner and Lawrence were equal and Adams, Cooper and Bale where equal, your position would be valid. That isn’t the case, they were not paid based on time on set, Renner, also supporting was more up front and higher back-end split.

    Why are you only mentioning Bale and Cooper? She herself includes Renner in her essay, perhaps you should have read it and researched the issue prior to writing on it.