The star is revealing her secret to staying young in new beauty...

The star is revealing her secret to staying young in new beauty book


Supermodel Christie Brinkley was the top cover girl of the 70s and 80s and three decades on she’s not changed a bit.

The 61-year old was promoting her new book Timeless Beauty in Nyc on Tuesday and showed off her astounding physique in a skin-tight white dress, which clung to her toned body.

Proving her modelling credentials, Christie climbed onto a desk to get a hot photoshoot at Barnes and Noble’s Fifth Avenue store, putting her toned and tanned legs on display.

Since she was stomping down the catwalk 40 years ago when she started modelling the star has barely changed.

Since then she’s featured on over 500 magazine covers and Christie has seemingly found the magic formula for keeping her youthful appearance while everyone might be showing signs of the years.

Speaking to The Today reveal the beauty revealed she’d had some natural fortune along the way: “I had a stunning mother. She was exquisite, so I lucked out there.

“But then, there’s a lot that you could do, from what you eat to how you exercise, to the lotions which you employ on your face, 24 hours a day. You are so in control of that, you’ve got a great deal of influence there.”