The story should always be the hero in Bollywood films-Anushka Sharma

The story should always be the hero in Bollywood films-Anushka Sharma


Anushka Sharma has an entirely different perspective, although many hail the tendency of female centric movies. The performer says as the key into a great film lies in its storyline movies must not be distinguished on the grounds of sex.

“I don’t think that a film should be known as ‘male-centric’ or ‘female-centric’, but it should be known for the story. That would be really nice and viable too. I think NH10 could have been done equally well by anybody else and it’s not a ‘female-centric’ or ‘male-centric’ film. It’s the story that will appeal to the audience,” Anushka told IANS in an email interview.

She picked to get a movie using a powerful message about honour killing and regard for girls as she went with NH10 last year behind camera as a producer.

When asked about her standards while deciding jobs as producer or an actor, the 27-year old said she’s inclined towards job she is able to relate to.

“I always do stories that I believe in, characters that I find interesting and directors who I want to work with. All these factors have contributed while making choices and continue to as an actor and as a producer,” said Anushka, whose father was an army officer.

Anushka has additionally declared her next production Phillauri following a power packed NH 10. She’s co-producing the movie and will soon be sharing screen space with singer- Suraj Sharma and performer Diljit Dosanjh, of Life of Pi recognition.