The Walking Dead Crazy Theory

The Walking Dead Crazy Theory


How does it look since we first met Rick, roaming through the roads of Atlanta in a desperate hunt for reply?

But of what actually occurred back in the days details are surprisingly rare regardless of the string approaching a sixth season, using the key question being: How did it all start?

TWD’s fresh spinoff, Panic The Walking Dead, is set to examine the first outbreak and life prior to the apocalypse, though creator Robert Kirkman has consistently maintained the emphasis of the collection will be to demonstrate how individuals react to this kind of catastrophe and the way much they’ll visit live, instead of finding the cause.

However, it appears foolish to develop a prequel that does not dwell on the first cause, so Kirkman has been concealing that secret nicely. Before the day we definitively determine the cause ( in case that it ever arrives) enthusiasts will.