The WWE’s Total Divas continues tonight live on the E! Network

The WWE’s Total Divas continues tonight live on the E! Network

WWE Total Divas

The drama is expected to be fixed to continue this week and many of the most wanted ladies catch into it.

Paige is facing some issues with Alicia Fox and Nikki Bella receipts goal at her sister Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan. The coming episode is named as “Divas in Overdrive” this week.

“Paige cheated on Alicia for a fresh hand man; Nattie keeps on irritating her husband because she is unwilling to say “NO” and Nikki open challenge Bryan that he don’t like her,”

The description of continued episode is available on

The WWE recently released a puzzle for the episode-this week, and the story is about Nikki is flat at Bryan when they were having table talk with Brie and the former WWE World Heavy-duty weight lifter Champion was making fun of her .

“I love Bryan as my brother-in-law,” Nikki confess in the official clip. “But, he loves to tease me. I laugh sometimes, it’s funny, but then it just keeps going…and going…and going and it’s like, jeez, I get we’re like opposites, but okay.”

Paige has some issue with her regarding her over comments “she gets mad at Alicia over the comments” she comments twice.

“You’re being a really s—-y friend right now,” Paige spotted saying in the clip. “For once, I’m actually happy. Like someone’s actually treating me right.”

Paige instantly called Trinity and intimate to leave his car and get-up with her. she clarifies her inspirations in the clip.

“Since we all left at the same time, I’ve been texting with Trinity,” Paige says. “And she’s actually right behind us, so at this point I’m like, ‘Hey I’m just gonna jump out and hop in with them.'”