Theatre: ‘Kiski Topi Kis Ke Sar’ hits the stage tomorrow

Theatre: ‘Kiski Topi Kis Ke Sar’ hits the stage tomorrow


Celebrity- Kiski Top Kis Ke Sar, model Sarwat Gillani’s directorial debut, is a farcical play.

In the event you want to pay cash to get a decent cause and love theater Kiski Topi Kis Ke Sar is this week, a play that might interest you.

The play may also mark the directorial debut of none besides celebrity-model Sarwat Gillani, who shares directing credits.

Given that it was her very first time Sarwat says her experience was largely smooth sailing:

“The experience continues to be excellent. In the preproduction to the cast and then rehearsals, it is a fantastic ride. Together with the Special Olympics team, performers, production team and volunteers, it is a comfortable feeling and time well spent.”

As an alternative to putting up a serious, hard hitting play, a comedy that was light was selected. Sarwat considers this continues to be carried out to reveal the vigour and confidence of the particular ones: “The basis for this kind of play is the fact that when you meet these folks, there’s nothing gloomy and serious about them. They’re full of hope, confidence and life. It’s their energy that offers a life to cause. They’re humourous and light hearted, so we needed the issue to be as pleasing as these children are in actual life.”

She also stressed on the importance of society to give space to specific individuals rather than excluding them: “It’s essential to get a community to recognize, value and support their children, particularly handicapped ones, so that you can produce them feel as part of society. It’s through these plays and together with the aid of the latest social media that we should generate knowledge with this issue.”

The comedy written by Babar Jamal intends to develop a scenario that is farcical in a Pakistani societal circumstance involving a guy attempting to conceal the verification of his income support status from his own wife. The cast contains new and old performers like Hunain Riaz Amtul Bajwa, Bilal Yusufzai, Aalia Shadaab, Nazrul Hasan and Hassan Raza.

The play revolves around his innocent renter and Junaid Shahi Tanvir’s efforts to keep the wife Faiza of Junaid away from your truth, which challenges the credibility as an applicant for government assistance of Junaid.

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