There it is! Chris Brown ‘Protective’ Of Kendall Jenner, Won’t Let Her...

There it is! Chris Brown ‘Protective’ Of Kendall Jenner, Won’t Let Her Near ‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks


A source, the poor boy rapper does not need the recently released convict anyplace near his girl. 32, Jeremy Meeks, is able to get his Zoolander on now that he is been released from prison. And Kendall Jenner is killing the catwalk game today, so Jeremy could be absolutely happened for by working with her.

With his piercing blue eyes and tats that are hot, it is no wonder Jeremy is getting offers for modeling shows now that he is a man that is free. It is also not an enormous jolt that Chris needs him to remain far away from Kendall.

A source tells that although Kendall would have not a problem working with Jeremy, “Chris would not be cool with it. He is not likely to need this thug. He is protective of her.” We are not likely to lie, although it is sweet that Chris needs to observe over Kendall, a photo shoot with Jeremy and Kendall would be absolutely hot!

He is still got plans to make it huge if Jeremy does not get to work with Kendall. I am thankful and overwhelmed for what lies ahead. I am prepared.” Are Jeremy, we, so are we. Although we do not understand the details of his livelihood strategies, Jim Jordan, his representative and manager, told The Wrapping that Jeremy’s becoming flooded with offers. We’ve got a tremendous strategies for him. A lot is going to happen.